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    Fraser Anderson live @BebopSabato 01 Aprile / FRASER ANDERSON live!
    Bebop Saloon live / ore 22:30

    Blessed with a delicate yet warm and comforting voice that Bob Harris once described as “truly beautiful”, words fail to prepare you for the moment that Fraser’s voice finds you.

    His new album, ‘Under The Cover Of Lightness’, is a deep, agile and audacious body of work that looks set to bring this soulful troubadour out from under the radar.

    There is a Gandhi quote pinned up in Fraser’s kitchen that reads: “Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph: a beginning, a struggle and a victory.” This, more than anything, embodies Anderson’s journey. He may have had talent at an early age, but the world wasn’t going to hand success to him on a plate.

    Fraser began his musical trip in Scotland as a teenage hip-hop performer and drummer with jazz-influenced leanings on keyboard and bass. He was a star in all but experience. With the talent, stage presence and confidence to set up a groove and play it right through with everything he had, everyone he jammed with grew around him; he was that kind of guy. When venerable Scottish Folk institution Dougie McLean invited him to branch into the folk world, Fraser took up the challenge and ran with it.

    Later, with his young family, Fraser emigrated to rural France, to freezing farmland and heatless rooms. Life was tough, but even in the tiny village of Leran, Ariege, the Anderson’s eked out an existence. A loyal and loving fan base grew from village concerts, and songs got penned between working in kitchens and on building sites.

    The clock wound forward, returning Fraser to the UK in 2013, and now to the musically diverse Bristol. With three albums behind him, support tours with the diverse likes of Joan Armatrading, The Low Anthem and Chuck Berry, headlining UK dates and appearances at European festivals including Celtic Connections and Reeperbahn, Fraser has just conducted a successful crowdfunding campaign for his new album and signed a record deal with German indie powerhouse label/distributor Membran.

    So the story of triumph begins, for, after the drudgery, thousands of people who heard his voice and were touched by the lyrics, pulled together to help. It was simple; a world with more of Fraser Anderson’s music in it trumps a world without.

    ‘Under The Cover Of Lightness’, a masterpiece of a new album, brings back the groove that so pulsed in Fraser’s early days. Spun with blissful vocals, his voice glows and bursts with the brilliance of the band.

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